A Pulley System that Would Allow Hipsters to Easily Retrieve Their Phone from Tight Pants


I was thinking about the inconvenience of tight pants the other day as I was wearing a pair of my own. I kept thinking to myself: “Damn. It is really hard to get phones out of tight pants.” In fact, I often find myself just holding my phone throughout the day when I wear those, and that is a good temporary fix to the inconvenient squeeze of the device every time I want to take an instagram of my lunch. That said, it also increases the chances of three really bad things:

  1. Dropping the phone and breaking it
  2. Forgetting the phone somewhere and losing it
  3. Getting your phone jacked on the train

So I thought to myself… “there must be a better way.” And I think I figured it out: what if there was a pulley system to help hipsters (and everyone else that wears tight pants) get their phone out of their pocket? Here is how it would work:

The phone would nestle gently on top of a simple mechanism that is made up a long piece of string and a piece of material / nest (kind of like a slingshot). When the phone is needed, the skinny-pants-wearing user would simply tug on both sides of the string in order to securely raise the phone out of the pocket. The skinny-pants-wearing user would then use their phone to check facebook, send a text, write an email, etc.. Finally, the user would insert their phone back into the pocket, making sure that it is aligned with the nest.